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What’s more important to customers – speed or personalization?

When customers have a problem, what’s more important to them: a speedy or personalized response?

Speed wins.

About 70% of customers in an Arnold Worldwide Global study felt that a speedy response to their issues was more important that having a personalized service experience.

Why does speed trump kindness in this contact center situation? It’s likely because when customers face problems they need them fixed quickly so they can get back to their business.

Still, personalization has its place when customers face problems. For one, customers usually need to be heard out when they have an issue, and then their emotions need to be recognized – albeit quickly.

To be efficient and personal, take these steps after customers explain their issue:

  1. Apologize … for something – the mistake, situation, their frustration, miscommunication, etc.
  2. Explain action. Say, “I know this is important and I’m going to take care of it right now, Mr. Customer.”
  3. Offer options. Allow customers to be a part of the solution by offering them two or three ways to fix it immediately.
  4. Reveal the timeline. If an immediate fix isn’t possible, explain what you will do right now (just getting the ball rolling is an immediate response) and how long the solution will take.
  5. Thank customers. Say, “Thank you for the opportunity to fix this for you, Mr. Customer. I look forward to helping you again.”

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