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What’s bugging contact center leaders most?

Feel like you’re drowning in a sea of contact center woes? This research proves you aren’t alone – and you can paddle out of some of it.

Here’s what contact center pros in a new Coveo study said were their top  challenges:

  • Call handle time (58%)
  • Customer satisfaction (49%)
  • First call resolution (49%)
  • Up- and cross-sell revenue growth (37%)
  • Call defection (32%)
  • Average handle time (27%)
  • Communicating our needs effectively with executives (24%)
  • Employee retention (14%)

Most contact centers struggle with call handle time and first call resolution, which have a major impact on customer satisfaction – another of the top three challenges.

The three are closely tied, and one way to improve them all is training. What’s important: Agents don’t need to know the answer to every customer question. They need to know where to find the answer to every question.

Idea: Get agents involved in your data management system. They should be able to give feedback that helps make information more accessible and sensible in the way it is presented.

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