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4 ways to bring back customers who are ticked off

Ideally, customers would never have a bad experience with your contact center. But it happens – and if you do this, they’ll still come back.

More than 90% of customers in a RightNow survey said they’d be willing to do business with a company after a negative experience if:

  • a manager or executive apologized for and/or corrected the problem
  • anyone offered them a discount, or
  • the company showed them how customer service would be improved.

So when customers report problems, complain, express disappointment or if you sense they’re not satisfied, it’s important to act quickly – before they even think about leaving. Take these steps:

  1. Apologize. “I’m sorry …” will stop them long enough to see what you’ll do next.
  2. Fix it. Give them options, and allow them to pick the solution.
  3. Pass it on. Forward the complaint or notes on the situation to a manager or executive who can send another apology. Even a scripted response is better than none.
  4. Follow up. Let customers know how you used the situation to improve Service and operations.

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