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Tell customers they aren’t right – without saying, ‘You’re wrong’

A customer is convinced she’s right, and you know she’s not. What now?

First things first: Realize that you’ll likely never make her happy trying to convince her that she’s wrong – and you’re right.

From there, contact center agents have to walk the delicate line between making customers feel like they weren’t wrong and helping them understand they weren’t right either – all the while keeping them happy.

Here are several ways it can be done:

  • Stick to the facts. Avoid pointing to what’s been said, and focus on what’s been done and is documented. It’s difficult for anyone to argue with documented facts.
  • Bring up “miscommunication.” When using the word “miscommunication,” you don’t point blame. It suggests someone conveyed things one way, and someone understood them another way. A good approach, “I think we’ve had a miscommunication. Let’s regroup and gather all the facts we have.”
  • Change his perspective. Get customers who feel they must be right focused on the solution and off the issue. Say, “I think we have enough information now to get this resolved.”
  • Offer alternatives. Customers who feel they’re right often like to remain in control. Offer them a few solutions (that work for you, too), and invite them to pick one. Say, “I can either refund your credit card, send you a replacement or give you credit toward the new model. Which would you prefer?”

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