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How to rebound when a customer conversation goes horribly wrong

Customer conversations can go horribly wrong at any moment. Are you ready for it?

A customer might turn on a dime when he hears bad news, doesn’t get what he wants or is confused, grumpy or just a volatile person. Here’s how to respond and rebound when a conversation turns horribly wrong.

  1. Listen. Customers often just want to be heard. Let them rant as long as they don’t curse, threaten or make excessive personal attacks on you.
  2. Respond to their emotions. Show empathy by recognizing the emotions customers are feeling. You might say, “I can see that you’re upset” or “I hear your frustration.”
  3. Apologize. Now that you’ve recognized that they’re not themselves, apologize for something. You might say, “I’m sorry this has happened” or “I’m sorry this didn’t work out as you had hoped.”
  4. Move on. Now’s the time to focus on solutions. Next say, “Let’s get this resolved right away,” “I know what can be done now” or “I can take care of this for you immediately.”

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