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What irks agents most when it comes to their bosses

Are you guilty of any of the top three bad boss moves?

Here’s what employees say are their biggest gripes with bosses, according to a study by workplace expert Michelle McQuaid:

  • Loses control when stressed (47%)
  • Doesn’t work hard (42%)
  • Fails to inspire and appreciate (31%)

While no contact center leader is guilty of these major offenses all the time, we’re all probably guilty of one of them from time to time.

Try these tips to avoid the three biggest offenses:

  • To stay in control when stressed, keep to yourself. Rather than risk blowing up on unsuspecting agents, take your stress to the streets (a walk), a conference room (quiet time), the phone (a trusted friend or colleague who can help put things in perspective) or your office (get focused on the work that has you stressed).
  • To prove you work hard (agents sometimes don’t see everything that happens behind closed doors and assume you don’t pull your weight), jump in when agents are overwhelmed. Help them through the busy period and stressful days so they see you’re willing to put in the effort, too.
  • To increase appreciation and inspiration, regularly thank agents for outstanding contributions and ask them to share their experiences with the group so everyone can learn from successes.

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