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What fast answers online mean to the bottom line

If your contact center can’t answer customers’ questions through online channels quickly, you may be losing more sales than you imagined.

From online self-service and real-time chat to a FAQ page or social media, customers rely on web-based help more than ever. If those channels fail to satisfy them, the stakes are high.

About 45% of customers say they are very likely to abandon their online purchases if they can’t get quick answers to their questions, a Forrester Research study recently found.

To ensure customers get fast answers – especially when they’re considering a purchase – try these tips:

  • Update your FAQ page weekly. Make sure the content represents why customers contacted you most in the past week, changing promotions, new processes and the most current problem-solving information. Also, arrange questions and answers in order of the hottest topics.
  • Be staffed to chat. If you aren’t staffed to offer immediate chat when customers request it, take your “chat now” sign off your web page. Customers expect chat to be immediate – and are disappointed if it’s not.
  • Be pertinent. Offer valuable information on your social media sites. Post regularly with product information and customer reviews (they’re the most important information to customers). Avoid populating it with canned praise, silly updates about company picnics and other content that isn’t valuable to customers.

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