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What does the boss really want you to know and do?

What does the boss think you should know and do these days. Depends on your age.

Nearly every leader thinks employees  – and potential employees – should be doing something to improve their skills and knowledge, a Promethean survey recently found.

Here’s what leaders from across industries said:

  • 18-24-year old employees should invest in further education (46%)
  • 25-50-year-old employees should keep a broad range of skills up-to-date (50%), and
  • 51-75-year-old employees should work at becoming more adaptable and flexible team members (53%).

Bottom line: In the eyes of leaders, training is essential no matter an agent’s level of experience or education.

To help agents sneak in more training in a busy contact center:

  • Mix it up. Invite younger agents to give tutorials on new technology at lunch-and-learn sessions. Have seasoned agents do sessions on processes they helped implement.
  • Get agents involved. Regularly ask them what subjects they’d like covered in training – and what topics they’d like to help teach.

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