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What customers want you to put on Facebook (and what you can keep to yourself)

Read this before an agent gets at your company’s Facebook page.

Beware: You may not be posting what customers want.

When Oracle asked customers what they want most on social media sites, they said:

  • Product news and information – 62%
  • Customer reviews – 47%
  • Direct responses to questions – 43%
  • Coupons, special deals or contests – 32%
  • Access to experts – 31%
  • How-to guides – 24%

Contact center leaders can take two important points from this recent survey:

  1. Keep social media up-to-date. Customers aren’t just looking to be social with you. They want information first and foremost when they turn to social media. Product, service, policy and company information should be reviewed almost daily to make sure it’s accurate.
  2. Don’t try to sell. Customers go to your social media site because they’re already considering buying from you (or they already have). Leave the sales pitch out of your posts.

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