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6 things customers care about most – and how to deliver on all fronts

For instance, front-line customer service reps at Avon often review product catalogs before they are printed and sent to customers. They might not be able to affect the products that are offered, but their insight has helped clear up language that might leave customers confused or cause them to lose interest in products.

At Cybex, Doug Ackerman, director of services, and a few reps gather feedback, pull together a short report and regularly meet with product developers and engineers to discuss:

  • two “hot issues” — things that really upset customers recently
  • two “warm issues” — some things that need to be improved soon, and
  • one “out of the box issue” — an issue customers reported when their product came out of the box.

That helps them make changes to quality and product lines that keep customers happy.

6. Sales and marketing offers

180105211About 46% of survey respondents consider sales and marketing offers an important factor in the customer experience.

Again, the best possible sales and marketing offers usually result from a collaboration with the individuals who have the most contact with customers.

Michele Watson, VP of global customer care at in Dallas, uses pre- and post-shift meetings to relay and gather important data that impacts customers. Before staffers start the day, they cover price, product, procedure and information changes or improvements that relate to customers. In their post-shift meetings, service pros give quick feedback on what they heard from customers and how it might impact sales, marketing and service situations.

It’s just enough information sharing to keep offers relevant to changing customer needs.

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