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6 things customers care about most – and how to deliver on all fronts

One important key for the Executive Escalation Team to work so well: Agents dealt with emotions before technicalities to put customers at ease emotionally. Then they could resolve problems calmly.

3. Ease of doing business


The easier it is for customers to do business with an organization, the more likely it is they’ll come back for more. That’s evident from 81% of research respondents who said “ease of doing business” is important to the customer experience.

At LifeLock in Tempe, AZ, CEO Todd Davis puts ease of business near the top of his list of business priorities. Taking these two approaches to handling customer experiences allows LifeLock’s customer care professionals to make it easy and enjoyable for customers to do business:

  • Reps work based on Davis’ mantra,  “Do what you should, not what you can.”
  • Davis also encourages employees to “Treat customers like loved ones.” They are reminded to think of interactions with customers as experiences with their loved ones — so they know when to walk new customers through paperwork rather than refer them to a website for instructions.

4. Product support


Nearly 70% of the survey respondents said that product support is a huge factor in the customer experience. Front-line employees who help customers need to be experts on the products and services they support so customers feel like they’re in good hands every time they contact a company for help.

For Jeanette Hale, senior supervisor of national contracts at MatserBrand Cabinets in Jasper, IN, that means getting her team members out into the other areas of the company so they can learn more firsthand.

Example: When training customer service reps, Hale covered what other departments did — from design to processing to billing — and how work flowed through each area. Then each rep spent part of a day shadowing colleagues in other areas, seeing them do their tasks, interacting with others in the company and helping customers. They gained valuable insight that helped them answer more questions and solve more problems, rather than turn to co-workers for assistance.

5. Product reliability and quality


Finally, after four important elements in the customer service, here’s one that’s less about human interaction and more about the actual product or service. Just about 70% of survey respondents said product quality and reliability are key components to the customer experience.

While those may not seem like elements customer care professionals can affect — mostly because they may not be involved in product development, quality checks or production — it’s likely they can. Offering input based on customer interactions during development or improvement phases can have a positive impact on how customers will react to products.

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