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What a porterhouse craving did for one company’s service reputation

Here’s an upside to adding Twitter to your contact center’s customer service channels.

If you always do it right – and every once in a while do something extraordinary – it’ll likely lead to great word of mouth for your company and its Service.

Case in point: The guy who craved a Morton’s Steakhouse porterhouse.

Peter Shankman tweeted that he could go for the steak before he boarded a plane in Tampa recently. When Shankman arrived in Newark, his driver met him as usual. The only usual part – a tuxedo-clad Morton’s waiter stood there too, holding a takeout bag with a piping hot steak and all the sides.

Why was this so good for Morton’s? Shankman just happens to write a blog and has 100,000 Twitter followers. Whether Morton’s knew all that or not, the extra effort for one of it’s loyal customers (they have a customer management system that allows them to track customer activity) got some positive attention. Even better, it will likely get the chain steakhouse some new customers.

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