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Want to be known for awesome service? Do this

You send this strong message to customers when front-line employees are able to handle anything that comes their way: We are committed to our customers.

But you can’t just tell front-line customer service pros, “You’re empowered” and expect them to always do what’s right for customers. Leaders need to give them tools, training and authority to do their best work. Then they need to back those employees’ actions and decisions.

Make it the norm

To empower employees to provide exceptional customer experiences:

  • Define responsibilities. Reps should know what they’re accountable for in concrete terms and how the results are measured. For instance, use customer satisfaction scores to grade performance and customer experiences.
  • Challenge them. Regularly give employees assignments that call on them to stretch their skills and try new things. Provide them with the necessary training and resources, and allow them some leeway on how to accomplish the assignments.
  • Show the impact. Regularly show staff members how their individual and group work makes a difference to customers, co-workers and the company. Use financial, customer loyalty and satisfaction stats to back it up.
  • Communicate. Share all good and bad news in a timely manner to show employees you trust their response and ability to handle what your company, industry, customers and department throws their way. Share information on goals, strategies and obstacles.
  • Recognize. Good work must be recognized and rewarded. Regular, positive responses will reinforce employees’ willingness and ability to go the extra mile for customers.
  • Be a role model. Employees need to see a boss in action who takes charge and works in the best interest of customers, the company and his or her employees.

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