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Want everyone to do a little more? Let them play!

If you need agents to do a little more these days, it might be a good time to call recess. Here’s why.

More than half of all employees say they will be more productive, happier and healthier if they could step outside for a 10-minute recess each day, a Harris Interactive and Keen, Inc., study recently found.

Even better, 41% of employees said the short break, fresh air and some physical activity would help them deal with stressful work situations.

Almost half of employees surveyed said they’d take advantage of the so-called recess.

While you probably aren’t going to put a kickball field outside your contact center, you can do some things to encourage agents to re-energize with a needed outdoor break daily.

  • Map a quarter-mile walking path around your building. Agents can likely walk a brisk half-mile in 10 minutes.
  • Put up a basketball hoop. If President Barack Obama can fit in a quick game, so can agents.
  • Set up chairs and picnic tables. Make it comfortable for those who want to read or just breathe in fresh air.

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