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Want courtesy in the call center? Define it like this

In the heat of customer demand, deadlines and everyday chaos, courtesy might fall by the wayside in the contact center. Here’s how to help everyone remember good manners.

Post and hold all staff accountable to these good manner and pleasing habit guidelines from David Freemantle’s The Buzz: 50 Little Things That Make a Big Difference to customer Service:

  • Be punctual
  • Say “Thank you”
  • Open doors for others
  • Answer co-workers’ messages promptly
  • Maintain a professional appearance
  • Extend a helping hand
  • Offer compliments when opportunities arise
  • Avoid rudeness
  • Refrain from interrupting
  • Listen carefully
  • Volunteer to do something regularly
  • Turn off your personal cell phone

Add to the list things specific to your environment, and regularly review the list in department meetings.

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