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Unflinching customer loyalty: 5 tips for earning it

Loyalty isn’t just about miles or points anymore. It’s about creating an incredibly strong bond with your best customers. 

Here are five tips for building loyalty:

  1. Give your customers the connection and appreciation they want. It’s not just about the big, high-ticket rewards some salespeople offer in loyalty programs; it’s about rewarding your customers with every interaction they have with you.
  2. Keep customers engaged, especially during slow periods when orders and contact with customers are at their lowest.
  3. Recognize that customers are continually changing, so the factors on which they evaluate suppliers are changing also. Achieving customer loyalty is a job that’s never done.
  4. Loyalty’s cornerstone is trust. If customers trust you, they’ll tell you their needs and expectations. If you can get them to talk about what they want, they may listen better when you present a solution.
  5. No two customers are exactly alike. They all have different needs, unique styles and distinctive ideas about how they want to be treated by salespeople. You will be in a better position to establish a long-term partnership with a customer when you recognize those differences.

Adapted from: Igniting Customer Connections by Andy Frawley, president of Epsilon, a leader in creating customer connections and building trust.

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