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Turn grumps into contact center champs

Contact center leaders, watch out: You may have more unhappy agents on your hands than you think.

Almost 50% of employees say their job is unrewarding and saps their energy, a Right Management survey recently found. Another 30% say they work so they can afford the things to enjoy life. Only about 20% find their jobs rewarding and gratifying.

However, your contact center may have more positive people than this survey found. After all, it’s in agents’ nature to be upbeat. But you might want to take a few steps to get people more engaged in their work.

Try these three ideas:

  • Emphasize the good more often. Share positive news about your company or industry with agents. Talk about how they’ll benefit from the good news.
  • Give them a break. When agents are working hard and appear to be stressed, find ways to give them a breather. Pitch in so they can go on longer lunches or breaks. Encourage everyone to use all of their vacation time.
  • Work together to achieve long-term goals. Regularly ask agents what their long-term goals are and what tasks they enjoy most. Outline the most realistic goals, and help them create a plan to achieve them.

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