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Turn great customer experiences into even more business: Here’s how

In today’s sales environment, you can’t wait for customers to say, “You’re great. I’ll have to tell so-and-so about you.” But the most effective customer experience professionals are more proactive at turning good business into more business. Here’s how. 

For one, think about getting referrals from every customer interaction. Sure, they’re more often an afterthought in the customer experience, and that’s why many organizations fail to capitalize on good business as often as they could.

“Businesses are so busy focusing their energy on acquiring new customers that they often neglect one of their most valuable resources: active referrers,” says Annie Tsai, author of The Small Business Online Marketing Handbook: Converting Online Conversions to Offline Sales.

Act on what’s said, done

Getting more business after great experiences takes a smart balance of asking for a referral and acting on what they say and do.

These tips from Tsai will help:

  • Reward both sides. Make referrals beneficial to the customer making them as well as the people who are referred. Example: Let customers know you give a percentage discount to them and those they send your way on the next purchase. Or, more informally, send them both personal thank-you notes for the increased business — and include a gift card for a future purchase.
  • Reward the new customer again. You don’t want to slow contacts with new, referred customers after a first sale. They can forget you as easily as they heard about you. Instead, offer another incentive to new, referred customers while they’re still a captive audience. Also, follow through with a personal “thanks” after that first (and hopefully, second) purchase.
  • Increase perceived value. Reward customers with retail products as much as possible, because those products increase perceived value. Customers know how much a product costs, and they’ll count that entire retail amount as a bonus. Meanwhile, it only cost you the wholesale price.
  • Use an old tool. Giving a few extra business cards to the best customers is still a crafty way to get referrals. Even if they stick them in their desk drawer, you never know when they’ll have a conversation with a colleague or friend and think of you as a source. Then they can pull out the card or easily dig up your website or contact information.
  • Harness their words. When customers give you great reviews (online, in a letter or a casual conversation), ask them if you can use those words to endorse a product, service or even person. Then take that story to tout your products, services and experience as “customer-approved.”

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