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Turn down the temperature before no work gets done!

When you want to boost productivity, turn down the thermostat. Here’s why.

Nearly a quarter of all employees say in-house heat can drag them down. Only about 13% of employees say low temperatures hurt their productivity, a CareerBuilder survey found.

The thermostat war is fought in nearly office across the country. Some like it hot, some like it cold. What’s most important though is how the temperature effects productivity and morale.

To find a reasonable solution in your contact center, CareerBuilder suggests:

  • Survey everyone in the office to find out if it’s too hot, cold or just right in different areas of the office
  • If you have zoned climate control, set temperatures based on the survey feedback, and
  • At the most basic level, encourage employees to dress in layers so they can stay as cool or warm as they like.

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