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The top reason customers are looking for you in social media

Surprise: The main reason customers reach out to you in social media isn’t just to chat or vent.

Turns out, they want to save money.

More than 60% of customers say they look for discounts and coupons when they connect with companies through social media, an IBM Global Business Services Executive Report found.

About half want to actually make a purchase (probably after they found their discount!) when they find you on Facebook, Twitter or other social outlet, the study found.

For true customer service needs: Only 37% of customers who head to a company’s social media offerings want help or advice from contact center agents.

Based on this, one of your best approaches to social media may be to offer followers occasional discounts, and regularly remind them that you’re there to help. In the meantime, keep phones, email and chat staffed to keep up with the bigger customer demand.

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