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Top 5 rude office behaviors

We all have our quirks, but how many of them qualify as the top rude behaviors seen in a contact center?

Everyone might be guilty of these tacky moves from time to time, but anyone who makes them a habit is driving co-workers crazy.

A survey found these top behaviors the worst in the office:

  • Co-workers hovering at your desk
  • Waste-of-time meetings
  • Gossip
  • People who stare at you as they wait for you to hurry up and get off the phone
  • Co-workers who treat your desk as if it were their own

Most of these bad habits encroach on other people’s space and time. So it’s key for adults to remember what children are often told: “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Click here for a list of good office etiquette from A to Z of Manner & Etiquette and consider posting it throughout your offices.

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