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Top 5 best practices for CRM in 2011

Relationships with customers are ever changing. So your Customer Relationship Management practices might need a few tweaks based on the newest trends in 2011.

Be prepared for these top five changes in CRM, according to crmtrends:

  1. Value. Because wallets are still thinner than they were a few years ago, customers will look for value in everything they buy. Exceptional service is always a great value.
  2. Data happiness. Companies will need to rely more and more on the data they collect about customers from different listening and observation posts. Social media, traditional forms of feedback and actual customer behavior will need more analyzing.
  3. Experience. Customers don’t just buy products or services anymore. They want experiences with them. So everyone in an organization has to know who customers are and how to deliver a consistently great experience to them across all channels – from personal interactions to text messages.
  4. Branding. Customers will associate themselves more and more with brands, although they’ll still rely heavily on their relationship with the people behind the brand (that’s you, Customer Service!)
  5. Personalization. Companies will want to use feedback and data on what customers actually do to make future interactions more personal and customized to individual customers.

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