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4 service blunders customers hate most

Make customers happier this year by avoiding the top four customer service blunders of past.

Customers seldom overlook the little things that can make customer service special. On the contrary, customers complain most when agents and companies blunder on these important points, according to research experts at American Express.

  1. Failing to listen. Customers are well aware when agents are distracted. It’s a bother when they have to repeat themselves or if an agent tries to solve a different issue than what they described. To avoid this blunder: Take notes. Remove distractions, such as email, when talking to customers. Ask clarifying questions. Regularly give listening tips in training sessions.
  2. Holding off on greeting. The first thing customers want to feel is welcomed. They can wait a little longer to have their emotions acknowledged. To avoid this blunder: Answer calls cheerfully within a few rings. Even when it’s peak season, assign agents to answer calls personally, then ask customers to hold.
  3. Inconsistencies. Customers expect agents to be equally friendly and knowledgeable. To avoid this blunder: Training is the equalizer. Agents need  consistent hard- and soft-skill training.
  4. Lack of return on investment. Customers invest time and money in companies and their agents. They expect a little more than the products or services they buy as a return on investment. They want rewards. To avoid this blunder: The good news is you don’t have to create a loyalty plan. But agents need to recognize and reward loyal customers with perks – such as discounts, freebies, expedited delivery, sneak peaks, etc. – from time to time for no special reason.

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