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The top 10 reasons customers leave

If you know why customers leave, it’s much easier to win them back.

Customers leave when:

  1. They feel you’re taking them for granted. You didn’t work at making them feel “special.”
  2. They get the idea that the only time you show interest in them is when you want an order.
  3. They feel you come to their door only when you have something you want them to buy.
  4. They feel you spend too much time and lavish too much attention on prospects.
  5. They feel you’re only interested in them when they’re placing orders.
  6. They feel you do a poor job communicating with them.
  7. They feel you’re only interested in “big accounts.”
  8. They’re pleased with the way you treated them at the beginning, but they noticed the difference once they became customers.
  9. They’re dissatisfied with the product, delivery, installation, service or price.
  10. There are changes within your company the customer doesn’t like.

Learn from defectors

Getting feedback from defectors is important because of the unique insights it provides. Your former customers know the areas in which you need to improve to get their business back.

So whenever you lose a customer, ask the following questions:

  • What did the customer like?
  • What didn’t the customer like?
  • Why did the customer stop doing business with you?
  • What suggestions does the customer have to help you get him or her back?

Source: Ted Barrows, a sales consultant and trainer in Bristol, RI.

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