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Top 10 CX stories of 2020

Before we turn the page on 2020, let’s look at what worked in this unprecedented year – the stories our CXI readers touched most.

The top-rated stories were full of expert advice, real-life strategies and best practices in customer experience, sales and service.

Better things are ahead in 2021, and these timely stories will help your organization navigate the new experience.

Here are the top stories from Customer Experience Insight in 2020:

  1. 11 things you should never say to customers. The wrong words can derail a customer experience in a flash. Here’s how to avoid them.
  2. How to respond to customer comments – no matter what they say! Customers have a lot to say – some good, some bad and some ugly. Are you prepared to respond? 
  3. COVID aftermath: 6 shifts in customer expectations. We all changed since COVID-19. Research nailed down how customer expectations shifted.
  4. Customers aren’t spending – but the experience still counts. How you treat customers every day – and the value you deliver – will make a difference in the long run.
  5. 7 essential customer service skills – and how to improve them. Even a pandemic can’t change some things, including the skills customer service leaders look for when hiring.
  6. 5 customer service lessons for the late Tony Hsieh. If you’ve been writing – and reading – about customer service as long as I have, you know the late Zappos founder was a pillar in this field.
  7. 5 ways to gain life-long customers. These five factors are the cornerstone of customer loyalty.
  8. How to deal with negative people. When you work with customers, you’ll get a cranky one from time to time. But this year might have caused an increase.
  9. 4 powerful phrases for difficult conversations. You won’t always have the right words for customers, but a few “power phrases” will help in almost any situation.
  10. 5 ways to encourage remote CX employees. Supporting customers is challenging work. Doing it from home adds another taxing layer. Here’s help to support and encourage remote employees. 

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