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Top 10 contact center stories of 2012

Here are the stories that intrigued and helped our Customer Contact News readers most this year.

Even better, if you take a look back, they’ll likely help you navigate 2013 also.

  1. 6 habits of highly unsuccessful people
  2. 10 phrases that annoy customers
  3. 6 habits the boss can’t stand – and how to avoid them
  4. 7 ‘bad boss’ moves and how to steer clear of them
  5. 5 phrases that kill customer loyalty
  6. 6 stupid moves that drive customers away
  7. Could a three-martini lunch improve service?
  8. 7 steps to being happier at work
  9. 5 ways managers drive agents crazy
  10. Refresh your phone skills: 5 quick tips

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