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Tips for dealing with multiple buyers at the same time

Today, many buyers have a voice in a company’s buying decisions. You may have to sell to many players who, directly or indirectly, influence the buying decision. Your level of success may depend on how well you identify and relate to them. 

The players may include:

  • The person who signs the order for your product or service.
  • Those people who may put your product or service to work for the company.
  • Those personnel who determine who gets in to see the decision-makers and buyers.
  • Those advisers who have the technical knowledge to evaluate the effectiveness of your product or service.

Understand their roles

Try to figure out the different personalities and roles when you make a group presentation. Try not to direct all of your attention to one person, even if he or she seems to be running the meeting. You may alienate other people in the room who may have a huge impact on the decision. It’s a better idea to try to include everyone in the room in your presentation.

Adapted from: The Instant Sales Pro, by Cy Charney, president of Charney and Associates Inc, a sales consulting firm.

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