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Hassle-free ways to make agent training more effective

One short, small step can make agent training better – and only 23% of contact center leaders do it.

Fewer than a quarter of leaders have formal pre- and/or post-training discussions with agents, an ESI International survey recently found.

Most managers who have the discussions say it doesn’t take much time. More importantly, the talks show agents that their training is high priority and they are accountable for retaining and using the knowledge.

To help trainees recall and apply what they’ve learned, managers can:

  • Check in online. Some leaders set up questions on the company intranet, quizzing them on the information and asking agents how they’re applying the knowledge.
  • Set up a community of support. Leaders can assign agents partners (perhaps a senior agent with a newer agent) to review material together for some time after training.
  • Meet one-on-one. During regular performance reviews, managers can ask agents to share what they found most valuable in recent training and how they’ve been able to apply it.

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