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5 things agents are dying to tell you (but are afraid to say)

Even if you think you have the best possible relationships with your agents, there are some things they won’t tell you – and you should know.

Agents may seem happy, but there are some things they’d like to get off their chests, says business expert and Fast Company writer Roberta Matuson. Whether agents are afraid of the consequences, don’t want to sound catty or don’t think it’s an important issue, contact centers leaders miss out on key information.

Here’s what they’d like to say – and how you might encourage them to say so.

  1. I’m happy to have a job. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all agents are happy with their jobs. Agents who are happy with their job are engaged and go above and beyond to succeed. Tip: Regularly check with agents on how they feel about their workload.
  2. You’re not the boss of me. In reality, you are, but you can’t treat agents like five-year-olds (who like to use that phrase). Tip: Instead, give goals and job duties, leaving them with some flexibility on how to accomplish everything.
  3. I don’t want to take one for the team. Agents want to be rewarded financially for their individual contributions and see that slackers are not given free passes. However, they do want to celebrate with the team for team accomplishments. Tip: Cut dead weight. Slackers will bring down good performers.
  4. Look at my results, not face time. Truth is, some people are more effective and efficient. Just because some people show up early and stay late doesn’t mean they do better than those who arrive on time and leave when the clock strikes five. Tip: Reward mostly based on quantitative measures.
  5. Give me more credit. Agents want others in the company to know what they’ve done well. Tip: If they give suggestions, put in extra effort or run with a great idea, spread the recognition. You might even give it all to them.

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