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The three people who will most likely stress you – and how to work with them

People can stress contact center pros more than circumstances. Here are the three people most likely to stress you and what you can do to work around them.

Watch out for these stress-inducers, from management guru Jon Gordon’s book Soup:

  • Energy eating Ed. He’s negative about everything and will suck the life out of everyone around him. You can: Set a positive example, complimenting and praising people and situations around you.
  • Silent Sally. She’ll use a voice mail or email message to criticize or complain. You can: Respond in person. Face-to-face dialogue is a better way to carry on a constructive exchange.
  • Busy Bill. He’s busy all the time, but never seems to get things done – and you end up picking up the slack. You can: Remind him of deadlines. Lay out clear goals and responsibilities. Avoid cleaning up his messes.

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