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The right way to say ‘thanks’ to customers

A quick “thank you” at the end of interactions with customers isn’t always the appropriate way to show appreciation. Here’s what works best.

You can make customer appreciation meaningful with this plan from experts at Fast Company:

  1. Determine the best way to deliver the message. Consider if the customer is casual, formal or traditional. That will set the tone of the message and whether you send it via paper, email or phone call.
  2. Remain professional, and speak warmly and conversationally.
  3. Break message into three parts. State what prompted the note, mention an important part of the exchange and summarize what happened next. Example: “I appreciate your patience with the order error. Your willingness to wait for the right part allowed us to avoid a rush job. When you make your next order, I want you to have a 10% discount.”
  4. Proofread. Read it aloud to check on the tone. Double check the address before mailing or hitting send.

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