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The power of a great customer experience on your bottom line

Giving a great customer experience must be your first business goal. Getting customers to talk about it should be the second. It could have a serious impact on your business’ bottom line.

More than half of customers who have a good customer service experience will buy again from that company, a recent survey by Zendesk found.

Even better, nearly 60% of customers said they’re more likely to talk to others about their experiences than they were five years ago. An increasing number of people go straight to social media with their stories, while nearly all of them will still spread good – or bad – stories through word-of-mouth.

Compound the increase in social media use over the last decade with the growing number of people who want to talk about their customer experiences, and you have a captive audience waiting to see and hear what you’re doing well — or worse, failing to do so well.

Spread the word

So if you’ve nailed the customer experience, it’s time to encourage more customers to spread the word on the great things that happened to them.

Some keys:

  • Don’t let them get away. Before customers say goodbye in email, text, chat or phone, remind them to tell others about you. Send them a link to your Facebook page or Twitter feed so they can share their experiences with your followers. Remind them that you’ll send a survey. Or offer a discount for a referral.
  • Make it easy. Ask for feedback constantly. Include links, numbers and referral offers on invoices, advertising, collateral, online content — anything that hits customers’ hands, in-boxes or mobile devices.

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