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The one meeting you need to cancel – and why you’ll boost productivity

Here’s one meeting you need to cancel – and the payoff for not meeting should be huge.

Take “status meetings” off the calendar for everyone in the contact center. Most people dread them, and they’re seldom productive, a Harris Interactive and Clarizen survey recently found.

Here’s what employees say about status meetings:

  • 70% don’t think the sessions help them do their work
  • 40% think the meetings are a waste of time, and
  • 59% felt that preparing for the meetings was the biggest time waster.

We realize that agents and leaders need to know the status of projects, metrics and customer trends. But you can probably pass along that important information without spending too much, or any, time in a meeting.

Instead, assign tasks and deadlines at “action meetings.” Then have everyone responsible for an action send a regular update to one person – perhaps the “status coordinator” – who can compile a list of where projects and metric stand and send a detailed email to everyone with the information.

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