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Words customers hate – and what to say instead

Some companies have banned their employees from saying certain words that upset customers. They may be on to something.

Contact center professionals on the front line know certain words upset customers – such as “I can’t” or “No.” So many agents try to avoid them.

Here are some other words – and positive replacements – your contact center might want to add to that list.

At Apple stores, employees are told to avoid saying “unfortunately,” reports Instead, they say, “As it turns out …” Sounds far less disappointing doesn’t it?

Two other Apple rules: If customers mispronounce your name, don’t correct them because it sounds patronizing. And say, “uh-ha” and “I understand” as customers speak so they know you’re listening.

At a busy office, receptionists avoid saying, “He’s not available right now. I can give you his voicemail.” Instead, they’ve changed to, “He’s in a meeting, and I expect him out at noon. Do you want to try back then or leave a message on his voicemail?”

Finally, one contact center outlawed “I can’t.” Agents say, “What I can do in this situation is …” and then they come up with a few alternatives.

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