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The new rules of customer service

If you don’t take steps soon to deliver service under these new rules, you might lose customers.

Customers’ expectations have changed dramatically in the past few years. You might have to step up to meet the new rules of service, according to author Joseph Jaffee:

  1. Service never stops. Because of the Internet and international business, customers’ office hours are round the clock, and you need to be available then.
  2. You’re the face of the company. Customers don’t buy products or service, they buy help from Service.
  3. All customers deserve to be treated well. Some (who spend more, are loyal or have influence) deserve better.
  4. Customer service is not only about solving problems. Customers need to feel good, too.
  5. Customers expect their issues will be resolved now.
  6. Service can generate revenue.
  7. Customers will talk about your Service to anyone and everyone. Just check YouTube.
  8. Helping is an ongoing commitment. As long as you’re good to customers, they’ll come back to you with more issues, problems, questions, etc.

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