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3 most annoying customer questions – and how to answer them

Very few customers intend to be annoying. Yet so many succeed at it by asking annoying questions. Here’s how contact center agents can best handle them.

Customers often ask these questions because they’re confused, uninformed or just not paying enough attention to the conversation. But the right response from agents can get them back on track.

  1. “Why don’t you know?” Agents might explain why they don’t have an immediate answer, but customers still want something immediately. When customers ask, agents can say, “I have access to a lot of information, and I want to give you the most updated, accurate answer. Please allow me to get that to you by 4 p.m.”
  2. “Why can’t you make an exception?” Some customers think they’re above the law or more important than they are. In these cases, agents want to rely on safety issues or customers’ best interest. When customers ask, agents can say, “Mr. Customer, I wish I could make an exception. For all of our customers’ safety, I can’t at any time. I’m sure you’ll understand that we’re highly concerned about what’s best for our customers.”
  3. “Can I speak with your supervisor?” Some customers think they can go over agents’ heads and get the answer they want, or that agents aren’t qualified to do what they want. When customers ask, agents can say, “Mrs. Customer, I’ll be happy to connect you to my supervisor’s line. She’s away from her desk right now, and you can leave a message. I can tell you that she’ll reassure you that everything I’ve said and done is within our standard operating procedures.”

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