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The high cost of poor online service

When customers can’t get questions answered or issues resolved online, it could cost you millions.

A Forrester Research report recently estimated that an average retailer can get 2.8 million unresolved customer visits to their website. When customers can’t get answers, about 70% of them resort to the phone, email or chat, researchers found.

By Forrester’s estimates:

  • 37% of customers will call (1,036,000 calls x $7 each), costing $7,252,000
  • 23% will send an email (644,000 x $6.50 each), costing $4,186,000
  • 11% will request chat (308,000 x $5 each) $1,540,000

So does your contact center have an extra $12 million for unresolved online issues? Probably not.

One of the best ways to prevent this: Update website material at least weekly. Post alerts on the most pressing issues.

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