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5 customers who can ruin your day

Be ready for this group of customers who can be tough and won’t hold back.

Their personalities usually make these customers tough. Contact center agents can use these tips to handle the five worst customers they’ll likely face:

  1. The know-it-alls. Their name says it all. Listen to their ideas, offer yours and let them choose the best option. It’ll likely be yours, but they’ll never admit it!
  2. The quiet observers. They won’t complain, which sounds good, but you’ll never know something’s wrong to fix it. When they’re quiet, ask more open-ended questions to get to the heart of the matter.
  3. The dictators. They bully their way to getting what they want. The might even insult you. Don’t take it personally. Let them vent, then use a calm voice until they mimic it. If they use foul language or threats, tell them you’re hanging up and do so.
  4. The complainers. They’re chronic  – and their complaints are usually unfounded. Listen and thank them for their concerns. That’s usually all they want. Then show them an existing solution and how they can access it themselves next time (perhaps online).
  5. The pessimists. Nothing will ever be good enough for them. So offer them several options, emphasize the benefits of each and let them choose. And remind them of things that have worked in the past (they are probably a lot, but they won’t admit to it until you bring them up!)

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