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The brands customers can’t live without – and the reasons why

Many customers say they can’t live without certain brands. Does your contact center support one of them?

Customers love these companies, their products and customer service so much, they can’t imagine not having them, according to the new ClickFox brand loyalty survey.

Apple tops the list with 20% of survey respondents singling out the innovation company and its fleet of customer service professionals. Not far behind are Coca-Cola (who doesn’t need a caffeine fix?!), Google and Amazon.

Even if you don’t support these companies or their products, there’s important information from this study for any contact center. More than 70% of customers say service drives their loyalty to any company or brand.

That means, every interaction with customers impacts their loyalty. To improve on each interaction, follow up. Either do what you say you will (even better, do more) or send an email making sure customers got what they wanted or thanking them for contacting you.

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