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The biggest key to doing more business online

You can do all the right things with your website, but if you’re missing one key element, you’re not getting the most out of your online potential.

The one element? New-customer trust.

It makes sense when you think about it. Your website is asking someone to trust you — someone who’s never met you and never done business with you.  Writing for, online consultant Alice Hansen explains how to build trust with Web customers:

  • Personalize contact info. If your “contact us” button leads to an email that looks something like “info@….com,” you’re off on the wrong foot. Potential customers want to see a real name of a real person. Better yet, include a photo and bio of the contact person.
  • Respond quickly, and personally. If people do contact your company via the website, make sure someone gets back to them ASAP. Yes, you can send an auto-acknowledge to show you got the message. But someone better make real — and personal — contact soon after.
  • Show respect for privacy. Potential customers are more afraid than ever about handing over info via the Web. State your privacy policy clearly, and do what you have to do to show customers that their info is safe with you.
  • Use testimonials — and criticisms. If existing customers say something nice about your company, show the world on your website. If you get criticized, show that, too, with an accompanying apology, correction or response.

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