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The app vs. web: Which do customers prefer now?

So many customers use smartphones these days, there’s an app for everything from banking to fake smoking. But do customers prefer an app for that over the web?

Not yet, at least.

When it comes to getting service on the go, customers still prefer using websites for help over mobile apps, according to today’s release of Foresee’s Mobile Satisfaction Index.

More and more customers want help from their smartphones. But if given the choice between getting information there or on their desktop or laptop, they’ll take the computer. They cite speed and ease-of-read as some of the top reasons.

Still, they’re willing to use apps — and looking forward to improvements in mobile help.

Foresee suggests these three tips for improving or starting an app for customers on the go:

  • Be functional. Customers want a variety of features that can get them more help if they need it, such as a branch locator, directed search and direct link to current account information.
  • Be useful. Just because a smart phone is small doesn’t mean customers want small bits of information. They’ll still need answers to in-depth questions — either through a FAQ page or downloadable instructions.
  • Fast information. How quickly pages load on to a mobile device (without error messages) is important to customers.

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