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10 phrases that annoy customers

You talk business all day and clichés fit the bill at times. But some things are better left unsaid nowadays.

Many phrases, clichés and business jargon served a purpose at one time or another. They helped agents in contact centers, customers and other professionals communicate their ideas.

Like most things, they didn’t get better with age. (Only wine does that!) Instead, they got stale, and more importantly, meaningless.

Now customers are either irritated or unimpressed when you use these phrases, according to business and marketing experts.

So here’s what to avoid when talking with customers and why they’re bad phrases for today’s contact center pros:

  1. It is what it is. (Of course, it is.)
  2. Win-win (or Net-net). (It’s usually an over promise.)
  3. Circle back. (It’s indefinite. Tell them when you’ll follow up.)
  4. Going forward. (This suggests that what was done in the past was the customer’s fault.)
  5. I don’t hate the idea/suggestion/answer. (It’s just another way of saying, I don’t like it.)
  6. Let’s get out in front of it. (Sounds like you failed to prevent something that should’ve been prevented.)
  7. Think outside of the box. (This has been overused for years.)
  8. Utilizing. (Say what’s meant in the easiest terms: Use.)
  9. Let’s be strategic. (It’s a lofty saying, when a plan of action is really what’s needed.)
  10. Value proposition. (Just lay out the benefits.)

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