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The 10 best stories of 2015

In case you missed any of them, we wanted to draw your attention to the best Customer Experience Insight stories of 2015 before the year is out. They’re worth sharing with anyone who deals directly with customers. 

As the late disc jockey Casey Kasem used to say, “As the numbers get smaller, the hits get bigger.”

  1. Never do these 5 things to customers. Most customer experience professionals go to great lengths to avoid mistakes that will bug customers. But it can still be easy to overlook subtle missteps that destroy customer trust.
  2. Say this — not that — to keep customers happy. Be careful: You might think what you’re saying is nice, practical or businesslike, but customers may think it’s just rude.
  3. The customer service lesson from Jerry Seinfeld. If you want customers to say “wow” about your customer service, take this tip from Jerry Seinfeld.
  4. 7 phrases that defuse irate customers. Front-line customer service pros need to take a hard-line, soft-touch approach to dealing with customers’ irate behavior.
  5. A bad customer experience hurts you in 4 ways. When customers have a poor experience, the outlook can be very grim.
  6. 11 phrases that make unhappy customers smile again. Got an upset customer? You can turn things around for that person and your business by simply saying the right thing.
  7. Small gestures that make big customer impressions. When it comes to creating great customer experiences, a little goes a long way.
  8. The 11 worst things to say to customers. Your relationship with customers is fragile. Say the wrong words (these words), and the relationship will crumble. On the flip side, these are the 11 best things to say to customers.
  9. 7 deadly sins of customer service. Customers only need one reason to get upset and walk away. These are the biggest, baddest ways companies can drop the ball.
  10. Customers want more: 5 new expectations you must meet now. Wait much longer to meet these new customer expectations and you’re risking your company’s reputation.

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