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5 customer service lessons from the late Tony Hsieh

If you’ve been writing – and reading – about customer service as long as I have, you know the late Zappos founder Tony Hsieh was a pillar in this field. His ideas and ideals hold true today. Hsieh pioneered the new customer experience. I covered a conference where he spoke more than a decade ago, […] [MORE]

8 examples of how to make the customer experience fun

Business can be boring. But that doesn’t mean going through the motions — from transactions to follow-up — can’t be fun. In fact, if you infuse the customer experience with a little fun and excitement you’ll probably build loyalty.

Valuable advice from the world’s 6 best customer experience minds

Even if you know a thing or two about creating a great customer experience, you can learn something from these guys. They created business empires on great customer experiences – long before that was the vogue thing to do.

3 reasons Zappos’ customer service is better than yours

Zappos is mentioned in nearly every conversation there is about great customer service. How is that even possible, considering customers never see its employees, it has no storefront and it sells a product (shoes) that’s sold everywhere? 

3 tales of truly outstanding online customer service

Online service can’t deliver the personal punch that a phone call or in-person visit can. But if it’s done right, it can build customer loyalty.

Should you tweet in 2013?

Knowing that tweets on Twitter have hurt the reputations of celebrities, athletes and companies, you have to wonder if it’s a viable customer service tool. This statistic may help you decide what to do with Twitter in 2013.

4 things the best online service providers do right

The personal touch isn’t the only factor in your customer service reputation. What you do online is a huge factor. Here’s how the best get it done right.

3 traits of enormously successful contact centers

Most contact centers break even – in customer satisfaction and on the books. Then there are those that are enormously successful. Here’s what puts them ahead of the pack.

Do your customers have 1,461 days to change their minds?

Customers are a fickle bunch. But do you give them almost 1,500 days to change their minds? Here’s one company that does.

Can’t figure out how to fix a problem? Visit your competitors

When you’re stuck on a problem in your contact center, call your competitors. Here’s why.