Customer Experience News & Trends

How to use service to gain a competitive edge

The ability to deliver consistently spectacular service faster, better and cheaper than your competitors can differentiate your product or service, and make it easier to sell. 

The power of a great customer experience on your bottom line

Giving a great customer experience must be your first business goal. Getting customers to talk about it should be the second. It could have a serious impact on your business’ bottom line.

6 customer loyalty lessons from Lady Gaga

On the surface this sounds irrational: Businesses can learn a lot about customer loyalty from a woman who wears dresses made of meat and is getting sued for allegedly treating an employee badly. But Lady Gaga has the followers to prove she can offer valuable lessons in loyalty.

For B2B companies, most buying is about covering their butts

Want to know what makes prospects buy from someone else, even when you’re positive your company’s product or service is perfect for them?