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Measuring the value you bring to customers

A successful business transaction is mutually beneficial for both the salesperson and the customer. To see how valuable you are to customers, it’s a good idea to find out all ways your product or services help them.

Power questions your salespeople can ask to build relationships

Sales success usually begins with the ability to ask good questions and then listen — really listen — to the answers. Some salespeople fail to ask the right questions. Others ask the right questions but don’t listen properly to the answers.

Ways to match your value to customer needs

In a typical sales presentation, 80% of the time is devoted to describing the salesperson’s exceptional company and the positive benefits the customer will get from the product or service being sold. There are some fundamental reasons why prospects won’t buy after listening to this type of presentation.

Sure-fire way to give yourself a competitive advantage

Companies can no longer count on their product or service to sell itself, because their toughest competitors are out there with similar products and claims. It’s the person representing a product or service (or company) that has a greater influence over the customer’s perception of value than the product itself.

What’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful salespeople?

For some salespeople, success is elusive. They struggle, search and try, year after year, to find financial security. Others seem to achieve great sales success effortlessly.

The changing role of the salesperson

In the past, the successful salesperson was a persuader, a features expert in a market where customers had little information, were eager to buy and had limited sources of supply.

The 2 most damaging sales mistakes

Of all the possible sales mistakes one can make, two are more damaging than all others combined.

3 worries that drive C-level purchase decisions

The big three worries expressed by top executives in a recent survey are: 

Customers want to be sold solutions, not products

Trying to push a product or service without identifying problems customers are experiencing doesn’t work in today’s competitive market. Here are some tips to help you improve your team’s solution-selling abilities:

3 major obstacles to closing in today’s economy

One of the biggest disconnects in business today is that most selling processes do not adapt in time with shifts in the marketplace. As a result, closing rates suffer.