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4 signs of tech life your company must show to customers

The way customers want to consume information has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past year. And if your company isn’t adapting to those trends, it runs the risk of looking like a dinosaur in the digital age.

Increase the marketing power of each Facebook, Twitter post: Top 10 ways

Making a great first impression means everything on social media. Chances are, if you get a customer on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page and they leave without “liking” or “following” you, they won’t return.

Marketing gold: 5 extremely profitable tweets

Making money on social media sites is no longer fantasy — it’s reality. Some have even found ways to strike it rich.

Why contact centers find social media difficult

Social media should be easy, right? It’s casual, viral and the hottest thing going. But like any trend (think Hot Pants), it’s a little tougher than that.

Is Twitter a serious customer service tool?

Does Twitter have traction in the business world as an important customer service tool? New research gives some insight.

Want more young customers? 3 ways to connect with them now

Millennials will buy more than ever for one good reason: They’re in the workforce, making more money and buying decisions. So how can you connect with them (and their wallets)?

If you’re on social media you better be fast

If your contact center supports social media, you better be fast with Facebook and Twitter responses – or else.

New trend? Some companies won’t even answer the phone anymore

Some companies won’t even answer the phone anymore. Is it a new trend in so-called customer service?

The new rules for Twitter

Just when you thought you had Twitter under control, new research has found the rules for what works best have changed.

Should you be on social media more? Depends on the age of your customers

The age of the majority of your customers can help determine how much time your contact center agents should spend on social media. Here’s help to figure it out.