Customer Experience News & Trends

6 steps to set (and meet) better customer experience goals

Everyone wants to improve the customer experience, but many don’t know where to start. This guide will help. 

If you’re part of the customer experience, you’re stressed

The people helping customers are frazzled — and it could have a negative effect on the customer experience. Here’s how to curb the stress and improve the experience.

6 customer service skills everyone needs (yes, everyone)

Your front-line customer service pros could probably teach every one of your employees a thing or two – and now, they actually should.

This is how to prove you value customers

Want customers to understand how much you value them? Forget the generic thank-you, and do this instead.

To get the experience right, get training right first: 5 keys

You want to make the customer experience right every time. So you need all employees committed to it. But are you training them well enough to get it right?

Microlearning can take your sales team to the next level

Despite the fact some of your best salespeople are born with a personality made for the profession, this doesn’t mean they are finished products. In order to improve their chances of converting more prospects and closing more deals, they still need to undergo some training. 

Why it’ll get even harder to keep up with customer expectations

Keeping up with what customers want will get even more difficult — and the reason may surprise you.

How empathy pays off

Empathy isn’t just a wishy-washy tool for customer service pros to use. Nowadays, empathy across channels will improve customer experiences and boost business.

Plan your next customer experience initiative like a Navy operation – and see success

Before you lay out another customer experience initiative, ensure its success with help from an unlikely source: The United States military.

Better training = better service: 3 surprising tricks for training success

No one wants training to be like a trip to Vegas — as in “what happens in training stays in training” — especially when it’s meant to enhance the customer experience. So here are three ways leaders can make sure training will lead to better customer service.