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The 6 most annoying customers – and how to tame each

Some customers are tougher than others – and here are six of the toughest. 

Love or hate ’em, you have to deal with these 6 tough customers

Customers really are a lot like family: Some are as ornery as Uncle Frank, and some are as indecisive as Grandma Ellen. Love or hate them, you have to handle customers at their best and worst. This is how.

Stay calm and move along: Key to handling negativity

When a customer or co-worker loses his cool — and blows up on you — follow these steps to stay calm and move things along.

3 ways to make emotional conversations easier

As a contact center pro, you probably have emotional conversations every day. Here’s how to handle them even better.

What to say in 3 tough customer situations

The right words are hard to find in some sticky situations with customers. This should help.

How to deal with bully customers

No one should have to put up with a bully customer. Here’s what to do with tormentors.

Best ways to handle criticism from customers

For all the good things customers have to say, it’s the few bits of criticism that tend to stick with us. Here’s how to move on when customers criticize.

3 signs it’s time to sever ties with a customer

Loyalty’s great, but some customers aren’t worth it.

4 toughest customer – and best ways to handle them

Meet Mr. Know-It-All, Mrs. Direct and two more of the toughest customers. We’ve included practical tips on how to deal with them.

7 alternatives to a ‘take-this-job-and-shove-it’ attitude

Customers are tough, but is it ever so bad you need to grab two beers and head for an emergency exit?