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5 habits of constantly improving salespeople

“One characteristic of winners is they always look upon themselves as a do-it-yourself project.” Red Auerbach, the great coach of the Boston Celtics, was talking about athletes when he made that remark, but it has particular significance for salespeople.

The 5 habits of top salespeople

If your salespeope exhibit these five traits, you probably have winners.  If they don’t, you may want to find out why not.

7 mistakes that lose sales

Which ones are your salespeople making?

7 words that strike fear into the hearts of too many salespeople

Too many salespeople move on as soon as a prospect utters these words, accepting the idea that they can’t overcome them. Big mistake.

8 principles for finding great prospects

Selling more to existing customers is no longer enough. Successful salespeople make prospecting an essential part of their daily plan — but they have to have a plan to begin with.